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Milestones Testing Dates: 

April 8 -12, 2024  : EOG  3rd - 8th

April 15 - 19, 2024:EOC  9th - 12th 

Milestones Retests: June 25 and 26, 2024 



In celebration of Black History Month, students in Mrs. Scott’s visual arts class have been painting in the style of Faith Ringgold.  Here you can see students creating their own versions of fabric with painted papers that we will then be use to form a story quilt.  



Beth Blankenship's Class

Students in Ms. Beth Blankenship’s American Literature class recently started studying Realism and Naturalism.  In these pictures, small groups of students are reading and annotating the story “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” by Ambrose Bierce.  The groups are analyzing the story and preparing for a class discussion.



Special Valentine Messages from REACH Scholars

Mrs. Pamela Alridge is a mentor at Webster County Schools for REACH Scholars Kaleia Holmes and Ebony Jackson Frazier.  They are both high school sophomores that spend time working on various activities and projects with Mrs. Alridge each month during the school year.  For Valentine’s Day, the two girls selected a card of their choice, to write a special message in for their Mom and/or Dad.  Happy Valentine’s Day to all parents!




Student-Led Education

Breanna Moore, a freshman at Webster County High School, recently took on an exciting challenge by teaching her middle school peers a lesson on “Deep Fake” technology.  Breanna led an engaging lesson to help her peers understand this intriguing but complex topic.

During her presentation, she explained what Deep Fake technology was.  She provided real-world examples of how it has been used to alter videos and audio to make things seem real, even though they are not.  She also highlighted the importance for them to be aware of Deep Fake and how it can impact what they see and hear online.

Mrs. Pamela Alridge states that Breanna’s willingness to share her learning experience with others is powerful and evident that student-led education is essential in our schools today more than ever.  “It is important to foster the curiosity of our young people through encouragement, collaboration and positive reinforcement.  Provide an environment with opportunities for students to inspire one another, overcome challenges together, and pursue their interests.

Breanna Moore



Webster County High School juniors and seniors traveled to Georgia Southwestern State University on January 24, 2024, to take part in the annual MLK Convocation.  Students enjoyed the program which included several vocal performances and a motivating speech by Sumter County Sheriff Eric Bryant.  Students were accompanied by Dr. Dorothy Ingram, Mr. James McCullough, and Mrs. Katha Scott.

MLK Convocation



Webster County FFA has some big news to share! In October, Ruby Lee (8th Grade) represented the chapter at the Area 5 FFA Quiz competition. Students competing in this contest, test their knowledge over the history and information about the National FFA Organization! Ruby took the challenge and did a FANTASTIC job, out of 36 from Area 5 students she placed 7th in Area 5! Webster County FFA is so incredibly proud of Ruby Lee and how well she represented our chapter! Webster County FFA is gearing up for the Floriculture team to compete in the Area 5 Floriculture Career Development Event, in Tifton, GA. Students competing in this competition will take a test, complete a problem solving activity and test their knowledge at identifying 25 plants, horticulture tools and diseases! Students competing on this team are Yatzibeth Mejia-Lopez(10th), Madison Holbrook(11th), Tucker Gill(11th) and Logan Weeks(9th). Webster County FFA is also proud to introduce the 7 FFA Officers that will represent the chapter for the 2023-2024 year!!  

President: Tucker Gill  

Vice-President: Madison Holbrook 

Secretary: Logan Weeks 

Treasure: Harmoni Andrews 

Reporter: Ebony Jackson

Sentinel: Ni’Kearrian Walker

Historian: Ruby Lee

We are so proud of these students and their dedication and hard work!!




Mrs. Pamela Alridge’s 5th grade Math students are working on customary
measurements. Students were pictured working on an interactive “On Your Own”
assignment using the online version of the Math Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
curriculum adopted this year. Students at Webster are provided with a variety of
different methods to learn and explore Mathematics in the classrooms as well as
in their home settings.



On Friday, November 10, 2023, Webster County High School presented their Homecoming Representatives and crowned the 2023 Homecoming King and Queen. Harmoni Andrews and Jesten Thomas represented 9th grade, Laila Crimes and Se’Maj Coleman represented 10th grade, Lysandra McNeill and Tobias Smith represented 11th grade, Georgia Green, Talia Jones, Amira Williams, Taylor Bass, Jaiden Harrell, and Josiah Remy represented 12th grade. Taylor Bass was crowned 2023 Homecoming King and Talia Jones was crowned 2023 Homecoming Queen. Congratulations to each of these students!


(Female Representatives Pictured Left to Right: Lysandra McNeill, Amira Williams, Talia Jones-Queen, Georgia Green, Laila Crimes, and Harmoni Andrews)

(Male Representatives Pictured Left to Right: Tobias Smith, Josiah Remy, Taylor Bass-King, Jaiden Harrell, Se’maj Coleman, and Jesten Thomas) 

(Taylor Bass, Homecoming King and Talia Jones, Homecoming Queen) 



Halloween Fun
Halloween Fun-2

Bobcat Halloween Fun in the Office 

Administrators, Mrs. Deidra Sterling and Mr. James McCullough, dress as "Baby Shark" for Halloween at Webster. Administrative Assistants, Mrs. Kaitlyn Ulrey and Ms. Ashley Crimes, dress as Disney Princesses, Pocahontas and Ariel for Halloween at Webster. 


Student Council

We are excited to introduce you to the newest members of Webster County High School’s Student Council. Senior Class President- Jade Mendoza, Senior Vice President- John Southard, Junior Class President- Makenzzie Jones, Junior Vice President-Iris Weldin, Sophomore Class President- Yatzibeth Mejia-Lopez, Sophomore Vice President-Ebony Jackson, and Freshman Class President- Juan Gonzalez.  Mrs. Scott is the Student Council advisor.  

Return to School
Jennifer Godwin
The employee of the month for February was awarded to Mrs. Jennifer Godwin, 3rd grade teacher. Mrs. Godwin displays exceptional classroom management skills, and her students are always on task and learning. She sets goals for her students to achieve, but even more than that -- Mrs. Godwin sets goals for herself as a teacher. She's one in a million and we appreciate her dedication to the Webster Bobcat Family. 



Beth Blankenship

Webster County High School teachers welcomed parents and students during the Spring Open House on March 13, 2024.  Rising freshmen we able to meet their new teachers and visit the classrooms while parents picked up essential information.  



Student of the Month

The Webster County teachers have selected 4 exceptional students as student's of the month for February. These students were chosen by their teachers for their focus, positive attitudes, and their eagerness to learn.

(Pictured Left to Right:  Assistant Principal - Mr. James McCullough, Ashton Smith - Mrs. Ward's 2nd Grade Class, Ariadne Castro - Mrs. Garrett's 3rd Grade Class, Mikayla Barrios - Mrs. Tanner's 7th Grade Class, Donald Williams - Senior, Superintendent - Dr. Dorothy Ingram, and Principal - Mrs. Paige Balish) 




On Wednesday, February 28, the South Georgia Technical College Mobile Stem Lab visited Webster County Schools, and gave the students there an opportunity to try several different programs of study in a virtual reality setting.  



1,000,000 Words

1,000,000 Word Readers

Webster County Schools' reading teacher, Mrs. Tanner, is very proud of her middle school students, Mikayla Barrios, Jacob Crimes, and Gage Vickers for having read OVER 1,000,000 this school year! Pictured from left to right: Mrs. Tanner, Mikayla Barrios, Jacob Crimes, Gage Vickers, and Librarian, Mrs. Moore. 



Webster County High School FBLA Members Stand Proud

after the Region Leadership Conference

We are thrilled to announce the outstanding performance of our students at the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Region 6 Region Leadership Conference held at Peach County High School in Fort Valley. Our team competed in 11 events and received 15 awards. Some members received awards in 2 events.

Here are the notable achievements:

       Talia Jones and Madison Holbrook placed 9th and 10th respectively in Business Calculations.

       Jacob Minick secured 1st place in Entrepreneurship.

       Logan Weeks ranked 4th in Entrepreneurship.

       Yatzibeth Mejia-Lopez emerged as the Future Business Leader with a 1st place finish.

       The team of Serena Lockett and Melva Williams secured 3rd place in Graphic Design.

       Ebony Jackson placed 10th in Intro to Business Communication and 3rd in Intro to Public Speaking.

       Yatzibeth Mejia-Lopez also placed 1st place in Intro to Business Procedures.

       Harmoni Andrews and Laila Crimes placed 2nd and 4th respectively in Intro to Event Planning.

       Serena Lockett also was awarded 3rd place in Intro to Information Technology.

       Harmoni Andrews ranked 5th in Job Interview.

       Madison Holbrook secured 1st place in Public Speaking.

Seven members ranked in the top 3 in 8 events. Five members placed high enough to advance to the State Leadership Conference in six events. We are still waiting for the results of 3 members in 2 events.

Due to the outstanding performance of our members, WCHS chapter received 3rd place in Sweepstakes Chapter for the number of region winners. 

We are proud to announce that the Webster County High School Chapter of FBLA placed high enough in the Region Leadership Conference events to have 7 competitive entries at the Georgia FBLA State Leadership Conference to be held in Atlanta during March of 2024.

Congratulations to all the participants for their hard work and dedication! 

FBLA Members



STAR Student 1
STAR Student 2

Congratulations to 2023-2024 WCHS STAR Students and Teachers!

We have a tie...Talia Jones and Jade Mendoza-Munoz. Talia selects Ms. Derricca Holmes and Jade Mendoza-Munoz selects Mrs. Kori Gorton. Congratulations to each of you!


Community Project

Community Service Project:  FBLA will be collecting donations for Hope Harbour’s Victims of Domestic Violence shelter in Columbus, GA. Items needed are personal care items and clothes for all ages.


Student of the Month (November)
October's Students of the Month
Pictured Left to Right: Mrs. Paige Balish, Principal, Stephanie Mendoza, 3rd Grade Bobcat, Avery Williams, Kindergarten Bobcat, Ni'Kearrian Walker, 10th Grade Bobcat, Ruby Lee, 8th Grade Bobcat, and Dr. Dorothy Ingram, Superintendent. 
Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Mrs. Sydney Barfield, 2023-2024 WCS Teacher of the Year!



Webster County’s Varsity Cheerleaders are overwhelmed with gratitude for the generous donations to our team’s new uniform campaign. We appreciate the commitment to supporting our students and school. It is truly inspiring! We believe that positive change is possible when individuals and organizations come together for a common cause, and your support exemplifies this belief. Your generosity is not just a financial contribution; it is an investment in the well-being and future of our students, school, and community. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your support!!! During our homecoming presentation we recognized the following local businesses and individuals for their contributions: Citizens Bank of Americus, GA, Desiree’s Beauty Salon, Gabby’s Diner, Handy Car Wash, Interfor U.S. Inc., Jonathan and Ashley Futch, Merritt Pecan, Mom’s Kitchen, New Hope Baptist Church, Perry Brothers Oil Company, The Westbrook Agency, and Webster County Farm Bureau.


(Varsity Cheerleaders Pictured Left to Right: Melva Williams, Iris Weldin, Shydearia Josey, Alondra Green, Arianna Hamilton, Lysandra McNeill-Co-Captain, Laila Crimes, Harmoni Andrews, Talia Jones-Captain, Amira Williams, Georgia Green, Makenzzie Jones, Yatzibeth Mejia-Lopez, Kaleia Holmes, and Ebony Jackson)



Mrs. Pamela Alridge’s and her 8 th Grade Computer Science students would like to
Thank, Horace Mann and Byron Roblee for sponsoring our DonorsChoose supplies
for our Computer Science projects. We received two drones and other
organizational items that will be used by our two drone teams. Thanks for
supporting Webster County Schools!


Drone Class

Empowering Future Leaders: Webster County High School FBLA Officers Participate in Summer Leadership and Officer Training Summit (SLOTS)

The halls of Peach County High School in Ft. Valley were buzzing with enthusiasm and ambition as FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) officers from across the region convened for the Summer Leadership and Officer Training Summit (SLOTS) on Thursday, July 20. Among the shining stars of this event were Webster County High School's very own President Yatzibeth Mejia-Lopez and Vice-president Madison Holbrook, accompanied by their adviser, Mr. Michael Baker.

SLOTS, a platform designed to nurture leadership potential and foster team-building skills among FBLA officers, lived up to its reputation this year as officers like Yatzibeth and Madison engaged in transformative workshops and activities that broadened their horizons. For Yatzibeth Mejia-Lopez and Madison Holbrook, this experience was nothing short of transformative. As the President and Vice-president of Webster County High School's FBLA chapter, their roles are pivotal in shaping the chapter's direction and impact. SLOTS offered them a unique opportunity to refine their leadership styles, expand their horizons, and gain insights into effective team dynamics.

The summit's agenda was packed with interactive sessions that challenged participants to think critically, work together, and strategize for the future. Yatzibeth and Madison eagerly embraced these challenges, demonstrating their commitment to not only being effective leaders but also fostering a sense of unity within their chapter.

The experience at SLOTS undoubtedly strengthened the bond between Yatzibeth, Madison, and their adviser, Mr. Baker. Together, they worked collaboratively, absorbing valuable insights, and honing their leadership skills. They emerged from the summit with a renewed sense of purpose and a toolkit of strategies to propel their chapter toward success. Mr. Baker expressed his pride in their growth. "Seeing Yatzibeth and Madison take the initiative to attend SLOTS and actively engage in the workshops was truly inspiring. Their dedication to becoming better leaders will undoubtedly have a positive ripple effect on our entire chapter."

As the FBLA officers of Webster County High School return to their local chapter, they carry with them not only the knowledge and skills gained from SLOTS but also a sense of camaraderie fostered by the connections made with fellow officers from different schools. Their commitment to excellence and their drive to empower themselves and their peers will undoubtedly shape the future of their chapter and leave a lasting impact on their community.

With Yatzibeth Mejia-Lopez and Madison Holbrook at the helm, Webster County High School's FBLA chapter is poised for a year of growth, innovation, and meaningful contributions. As they put their newfound skills and knowledge into action, their journey promises to inspire their peers and set a shining example of effective leadership within the FBLA community.


Webster County High School FBLA officers: Vice-president Madison Holbrook and President Yatzibeth Mejia-Lopez represented Webster County High School at the Summer Leadership and Officer Training Summit (SLOTS)



Jimmy Carter National Historical Park

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Webster County Schools' Mission Statement

The mission of the Webster County School System will be to provide a quality education, thus empowering individuals to become caring, competent, responsible citizens who value education as a life-long process.

Webster County Schools' Vision Statement

The Webster County System will partner with the community to create a learning environment to meet all needs of all students with a focus on developing honor, dignity, respect, determination and knowledge within us all.